Why Should I Have My Vehicle Detailed Before Turning in My Lease or Prior to Selling It?

Does detailing a car improve its resale value?

Selling your car may seem like a daunting experience.

Let’s face it, when a prospective buyer looks at your vehicle, a first impression is everything. A potential car buyer typically wants a clean, reliable car that rarely reminds him or her that the car had a previous owner. A clean car speaks volumes for how you cared for your vehicle.

Plus, a quick look in a price guide book will show there can be a big difference in value between a car in poor condition and a clean one. But getting the highest price for your vehicle means more than clearing it of fast food wrappers and other debris.

A solid detail job will restore the seats and the carpets to as close to their original condition as possible, clean out the crevices between the seats and leave the glass and other interior surfaces spotless.

Likewise with the vehicle’s exterior. A detailing expert will carefully remove embedded stains, dirt, paint contaminants and paint scratches by waxing, buffing and compounding, to restore your vehicle’s original shine and luster. You can also expect your wheels to be polished and tires treated with a blackening agent.

A used car that kept its wheels, tires, headlights, mirrors, windows and all internal and exterior surfaces in mint condition will be sold at a higher value. That’s a fact. Statistics indicate that having your vehicle detailed in advance of trying to sell it raises the value on an average of $600 and in many cases, a lot more.

If you’ve never had your car detailed, you’ll be amazed by how good it looks. You may even feel a pang of regret for letting it go.

Even if you are not thinking about selling your car in the near future, it’s still a great idea to set up regular detailing appointments. By doing so, you can help to preserve the value of your vehicle should you decide to sell it at a later date.

Remember, detailing is a service that has one aim: to make your vehicle look like it just left the factory floor.

Don’t get dinged at the end of your lease.

Returning a leased vehicle is not always as pleasant as when you first picked it up. Whether you intend to buy the vehicle, lease another one or simply walk away, your vehicle will undergo a thorough end of lease inspection.

The lessor (the car company) may have a few questions if the car appears to have excess wear.

So, just to avoid an unpleasant encounter, it might be a good idea to give back the car as clean and beautiful as when you got it. If the lessor sees right away that you took good care of their vehicle (and remember, it is THEIR vehicle) they might be inclined to not ask too many questions.

Moreover, leased vehicles MUST be returned in good condition in order to avoid any penalty charges. Don’t give them a reason to claim excess wear when you return your car.

By getting it professionally detailed, the vehicle looks better and gives them less chance to claim excess wear.

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