Cost Effective
Paintless dent repair is comparatively more cost effective than other repair methods. Especially for dents that are smaller in size and have a shallow depth.

Speedy Repair
For typical dents, most auto professionals can have your car repaired and ready for you on the same day. For larger dents that need more care, paintless dent repair is still less time consuming than alternative methods.

Range of Ability
With this form of repair, anything from tiny dents, to larger deeper dents can be fixed with ease.

Your Paint Stays
It’s in the name! Paintless dent repair allows you to keep your car’s original paint. This eliminates the time and frustration of mulling over paints to match to your current color.

Paintless dent repair allows your car to not only be repaired visually, but also allows you to return the exterior to the quality it was before the damage. When repaired, the dent will not return on its own because the exterior will not be weakened.