It’s that time of year when the build up of dirt and salt on all of our cars becomes incredibly apparent. It’s understandable that your first reaction is to find the closest automatic car wash and make your car look shiny and new for the warmer months to come. But what if that is not the best option? Did you know that an automatic car wash can damage the exterior of your car?

Certain types of brushes can leave scratches on the surface and depending on the year or model of the car, they can cause more damage than you think. If the top layer is scratched by a brush, often times on newer cars the scratch cannot be buffed away. Sometimes the only option for fixing the damage becomes a paint repair to the affected area.

So the question becomes, “What’s a safer option for washing my car?”

Car detailing is your answer. First of all, let’s talk about what car detailing is. You’re dealing with professionals whose main concern is to provide you with the best possible experience. These professionals know how to clean a car with care and attention to detail. This method ensures that your car is washed gently, without damage, as well as cleans areas of your car that a traditional automatic car wash would not. Professional polishing and waxing are also often offered. This step helps protect the paint of your car and allows it to last longer. And with professional detailing, the interior of yourcar will receive the same care and attention as the outside.

So in the long run, it is better for you and your car to opt for car detailing over an automatic car wash.

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